Poster Code Poster Title Presenter Affiliaiton
P1 Dependency Update Strategies and Package Characteristics Abbas Javan Concordia University
P2 Privacy Aware Deployment in Hybrid Clouds Alexandre Verdet Polytechnique Montréal
P3 What Causes Exceptions in Machine Learning Applications? Mining Machine Learning-Related Stack Traces on Stack Overflow Amin Ghadesi Polytechnique Montréal
P4 Machine Learning Package Clones in the NPM Ecosystem Antonio Collante Concordia University
P5 GitHub Copilot AI pair programmer: Asset or Liability Arghavan Morad Polytechnique Montréal
P6 Déjà Vu! On the Similarity Analysis of Code Generation by Few-Shot Language Model Bo Yang Concordia University
P7 If a Human Can See It, So Should Your System: Reliability Requirements for Machine Vision Components Boyue Caroline Hu University of Toronto
P8 Backporting for Version Management: Automated Changesets Integration in Software Repositories Debasish Chakroborti University of Saskatchewan
P9 Reinforcement Learning Assisted Evolutionary Search for Autonomous Systems Testing Dmytro Humeniuk Polytechnique Montréal
P10 Empirical Study on Cloned code and Non-Cloned Code of Self-Admitted Technical Debt Fangjian Lei Queen’s University
P11 An Empirical Study on the Usage of Automated Machine Learning Tools Forough Majidi Polytechnique Montréal
P12 Fooling SHAP with Stealthily Biased Sampling. Gabriel Laberge Polytechnique Montréal
P13 Not All Dependencies are Equal: An Empirical Study on Production Dependencies in NPM Jasmine Latendresse Concordia University
P14 Securing Large Language Model-based Code Generation Junjie Li Concordia University
P15 Recommending Tools and Sub-workflows to Construct Scientific Workflows in Scientific Workflow Management Systems. Khairul Alam University of Saskatchewan
P16 On the Effectiveness of Using GitHub Copilot to Augment Software Chatbot Datasets Khaled Badran Concordia University
P17 The General Aspects of Computer Assessment in Human Beauty Kiana Nezami Concordia University
P18 An Empirical Study of the Impact of Hyperparameter Tuning and Model Optimization on the Performance Properties of Deep Neural Networks Lizhi Liao Concordia University
P19 Refining and Evaluating a Data-Driven Model Uncertainty Framework with a Traffic Sign Recognition (TSR) Case Lucia Berger McGill University
P20 Exploring Classification of Software Bug Reports Towards Mobile Applications. Md Shamimur Rahman University of Saskatchewan
P21 Cross-Platform Binary Analysis Using Representation Learning via Graph Alignment Mohamed Salah Bouafif Polytechnique Montréal
P22 Detection and Evaluation of Bias Inducing Features in Machine learning Moses Openja Polytechnique Montréal
P23 Learning to Localize Bugs using Reinforcement Learning Partha Chakraborty University of Waterloo
P24 Studying the Characteristics of AIOps Projects on GitHub Roozbeh Aghili Polytechnique Montréal
P25 Understanding Machine Learning Libraries Usage in JavaScript Projects Samuel Abedu Concordia University
P26 Understanding the Helpfulness of Stale Bot for Pull-based Development SayedHassan Khatoonabadi Concordia University
P27 Towards Reliable Autonomous Driving Systems (ADS) Triet Pham Concordia University
P28 Improving the Usability of Scientific Workflow Composition by using Machine Learning Techniques University of Saskatchewan University of Saskatchewan
P29 On the Effectiveness of Log Representation for Automated Log Analysis Xingfang Wu Polytechnique Montréal
P30 FL-MAB: Client Selection and Monetization for Blockchain-Based Federated Learning Zahra Batool École de technologie supérieure
P31 How Do Practitioners Perceive Energy Consumption? An Empirical Study of Stack Overflow Bihui Jin Queen’s University